June Wrap Up!

I’m quite proud of my reading month this month. I managed to read and finish, three books, and have very nearly finished another. I hope to finish it before I go on holiday on the 3rd of July. The holiday is why I haven’t set myself a TBR for next month, because while I am away I will take my kindle with me, and read the books that I have on there (which is 25) and hopefully, that will boost my reading for next month.

The three books I managed to read this month were the three books in the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth.

I have heard people compare this series to the Hunger Games but it’s very different.
My favourite of the triology is Insurgent, where a rebellion has started by the Erudite’s and the Factionless. (Each town is a faction, Erudite, Dauntless, Abegnation, etc) and we get to find out more about the character Four- his background, his family, his original faction, and I felt I got to understand him better.

I gave the first two books 5/5 stars- and my reviews for them are on Goodreads.


I gave the final book 4/5. It was slower than the previous too, and although much more dramatic, the major character death turned the story, from an action packed story with a romance, to a grief stricken one where her death as an effect on everyone who knew her. Again, my review is on Goodreads.

WARNING: Reviews may contain spoilers!

All in all though, the Divergent trilogy is a great YA Dystopian series and I would recommend it. It’s not too harsh, and the characters do develop as each book moves on.

Finally, the book I hope to finish this month is The Beekeeper’s Apprentice by Laurie.R.King, a Sherlock Holmes pastiche set after Holmes has retired. A review will come as soon as I have finished it.

Thanks for reading!
-Katie (sherlockianbooklover)


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