Review: The Lord of the Rings- The Fellowship of the Ring

Read between:17th- 29th of July (It took me a while)
Star Rating: 5/5 stars.
Format: ebook

I loved this book. This is the first time I have actually read these- after I saw The Hobbit movie I went and watched the trilogy in film form, but I’d never actually got around to reading the book. That has now changed, and I am so happy that I have finally read the first one. One criticism would be that it took me a while to get into, as Tolkein’s writing style takes some getting used to- but other than that, this high fantasy story was absolutely fantastic.

The story follows another Baggins, Frodo- Bilbo’s nephew, and his quest to destroy the One RIng of power along with some friends, Gandalf the Grey, and Aragorn, son of Arathorn. Of course there is danger around every corner, and this kept making me want to continue. I also liked the little links to the Hobbit- for example, Gloin being at Rivendell. The only character I midly disliked was Sam. He’s written as quite a clingy character- who is very often the one who lags behind.

I really like Tolkein’s description, sometimes it can be long, but I think it’s needed. It enables you to picture the setting, the Elves, and much much more. He has a knack of creating a world you wish was real- just like J.K Rowling’s Hogwarts- I want Middle Earth to exist. I would love to eat lembas and listen to Elvish singing.

I can’t wait to move on to the second one to follow the Company as they continue with their journey to destroy the Ring.

I did notice the differences to the films, and wish I had now read the books first- but nevertheless, it was still a great book and I am glad I finally had the experience of reading it for the first time.


4 thoughts on “Review: The Lord of the Rings- The Fellowship of the Ring

    • Thank you! And yes, I’m debating whether to start the second one straight away or wait a while- just because DESCRIPTION OVERLOAD. The Hobbit I’ve read twice, actually 🙂

      Ooh, I shall have a read! 🙂 x

      • I’ve read the first and second books but I am having a breather before reading the last one. Yeah, I’ve read The Hobbit twice too! Debating reading that again before the next film comes out. :s

      • That sounds like a good idea. They’re on my Kindle so easier to read as I can change the font size etc to make it quicker.

        I read it the start of this month! (see my holiday Wrap Up) and marked where the first two films end so I’m all caught up 🙂

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