Review: The Titanic’s Mummy by David J H Smith

“Insurance investigator Richard Mallory is sent to recover a stolen Egyptian scarab, taken from a robbery at Rainsbury Hall. The main suspect is maverick Professor Charles Montacute and his daughter Jazmine.

The chase ensues, and Mallory finds himself aboard the RMS Titanic, battling an ancient Mummy brought back to life for the sole purpose of wreaking revenge on those who have dared to plunder Egyptian heritage.

If things were not bad enough, events are about to take a dramatic turn, for the Titanic is heading for disaster ā€“
below decks a fire rages out of control in the coal bunkers, endangering the very ship itself.

At least there is no way that things could possibly get any worse…………………

This book can be categorised under a mix of genres, from crime, to horror, to historical fiction. Despite this, it works well. I bought this book direct from the author, who is a friend of mine, as I wanted to branch out on the types of books that I read- and I’m glad I did. The story was thrilling. I found myself wanting to follow the characters through out the entire story, mainly because I didn’t want to skip to the end to see if they survived or not.

The story follows a detective, Mallory, and the suspected robbers of stolen Egyptian artefacts. However, without giving away any spoilers, Mallory realises he may have been wrong after all when he discovers an Egyptian Mummy, resurrected, is causing havoc and killing people- it’s a little bit Scooby Doo, but much much darker.

There are characters you will like, and characters you will hate, but the accuracy of the history of the maiden voyage of the Titanic, including one of the survivors, Maggie Brown, is something that made the story much more of an epic thriller than if the information had just been added here and there. There was clearly a lot of research put into this book and it shows.

If you’re after something different, pick this book up- it’s not something I usually read but I still enjoyed it all the same.

4 out of 5 stars šŸ™‚


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