Review: Keeper of the Light by Diane Chamberlain


I’m not sure what genre Diane Chamberlain falls into apart from New Adult, but her books always seem to follow the same sort of pattern. This is the third Diane Chamberlain book I have read- she is a favourite of my mum’s so I always borrow the books once she’s done with them.

Keeper of the Light is the first book in a trilogy.
It follows the story of a woman, Dr Olivia Simon, as she tried to save a woman who has been shot. The woman who her husband is infatuated with. When the woman dies, the story the follows is what Olivia does to try and get her husband back whilst acting as comfort to the widowed husband the other woman left behind.
It’s a gripping story and I flew through it, as you wanted to know how everyone involved felt, as well as the main character.

Not being married, I have not been in the position Olivia was in but I still sympothised with her in parts of the book.

The one thing I was not so keen on was the seemingly five way love triangle thing that was going on involving the characters of Olivia, Paul, Annie, Alec and a minor character called Tom. I felt it was just adding drama to an otherwise great story.

The ending was good though and everything seemed to work out, so although most of the work had a dark cloud over it after Annie’s death, it ended happily which I think, was needed, and concluded the story nicely.

I rated this book 4/5 stars.


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