Review: Kiss River by Diane Chamberlain


Date finished: 16th September, 2014.
Number of pages: 423
Rating: 4/5 stars

This book is set 11 years after the first (Keeper of the Light). The characters are older, life has moved on since the event of the first and a new character, Gina Higgins, is introduced. Gina arrives in Kiss River claiming to be a lighthouse historian, interested in raising the Fresnel Lens of the Kiss River lighthouse- but is she who she says she is?

Her arrival is all down to a diary her grandmother kept as a teenager. Yet, the longer she stays in Kiss River, the more old secrets are revealed- some about characters who have passed away since the first book. The inclusion of the diary entries between the chapters was a touch that I liked- it opened up more information which really helped the story to flow.

It has twists, it has turns, and we find out more about characters we thought we knew.
Even though there were unexpected twists, I felt it was not as much as a page turner as the first one but as an adult contemporary it was still enjoyable. Even though the final book is set in a different time period again, I will still pick it up and complete the trilogy. It would be nice to see how the characters develop in their lives and if their personalities change, Perhaps my opinion on certain characters will change if they do.


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