October Book Haul!


Look at the pretty books I bought in October! There are five in total, three for my own personal use and two for my university course 🙂

Going from the bottom up, in terms of the most recent buy, the first two book I bought in a charity shop whilst I was waiting for the bus to go to university.
I have very luckily managed to find books in The Cousins War series by Philippa Gregory in charity shops.
The most recent books I purchased in this series are The Lady of the Rivers and The Kingmakers Daughter. They both cost me £1.99 from the Oxfam shop which isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s better than paying full price. 😀

The next two books are children’s books.
The first one is:
The Frightful First World War by Terry Deary, a Horrible Histories book. This was bought for a critical literacy placement on world war one during placement in a school, although I have recently found out they are actually studying world war two.
The second one is:
The Trenches: My Story by Jim Eldridge.
This a fictional-slash-biographical story about a soldier in the trenches in World War One. It gives across an idea about what it was like in a way that children will understand, although, unfortunately, it may not be as use as they are looking at World War Two but it could be a useful reference.

The final book I purchased today!
It’s You’re the One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher. I loved Billy and Me so I wanted to read some more of her writing 🙂

And that’s everything!
If you have read any of these books let me know what you thought of them 🙂


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