October Wrap- Up!

I read five books in the month of October! (technically I finished one the morning of the 1st of November but I’m counting it here)

1. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
5/5 stars.

I love this story. I will always treasure it as it is very heartfelt and you really get to know the characters as if they are real people. I would recommend this book if people want something different to read- but it isn’t a happy story so avoid it if you don’t like sad storylines or character death.

2. Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy
5/5 stars

One of the best fantasy series I have read. A skeleton detective who uses magic to solve crimes with his teenage assistant. Derek Landy is a fantastic writer and I would recommend this to anyone, both young and old, as it’s really fun and also a little creepy. Full rating because I just loved it.

3. The Lost Art of World Domination by Derek Landy.

Again, I delved into the Skulduggery universe with this novella and really enjoyed it. It was extremely short but we got an insight into the life of the detective outside the main novels, with an extra case, and an amusing ending. I enjoyed this as much as the first book and will definitely be continuing with the series.

4. The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz.
Rating 5/5

Anthony Horowitz is perfect at writing Watson’s voice and I felt as though Conan Doyle had written another story. It was dark, which is what Horowitz is good at, and it was just what a Sherlock Holmes fan like myself needed to extend the canon further than the original seven books. I hear he’s writing a couple more so I can’t wait to pick those up!

5. Forever Autumn by Mark Morris
Rating 5/5

This is a Doctor Who novel based when David Tennant was still the Doctor and Freema Ageyman was his companion, Martha Jones. It was a perfect Halloween read as the Doctor and Martha arrive in a town a few days before Halloween and the town is being invaded by aliens who look like they have Jack’O Lanterns for heads.
What else could be more suited to Halloween?
Although it was a re-read I still enjoyed it as it had been a while since I had picked it up.
Definitely recommend to fellow Whovians 😀

What did everyone read in October?
Do you like the sounds of what I read?
Thanks for reading!

Katie (Sherlockianbooklover.)


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