Book Review: A Letter of Mary by Laurie.R. King (Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes #3)

Read between: November 28th and December 19th.
Pages: 350
Rating: 3/5 stars.

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Sherlock Holmes and his scholarly companion Mary Russell are caught up in an exciting mystery when an archaeologist leaves them with a treasured find, a papyrus supposedly written by Mary Magdalene. When the archaeologist winds up dead and someone attempts to make off with the artefact, Holmes and Russell become embroiled in a rollicking story filled with political intrigue and highbrow sleuthing.

With Holmes and Russell now husband and wife (something that took a while to get my head around considering their age gap) the crime solving is not just left to Holmes anymore. I liked that his other half took the place of Doctor Watson, but the lack of said Doctor felt a little wrong in a Holmes pastiche. However, it did not take away the excitement of the case.
After a visit from an old friend, Mary is shocked when said friend has died in a murder plot.

After being given a letter supposedly from Mary Magdalene, Holmes follows up the murder case, and Mary goes undercover to follow a hunch, and travels to Oxford to try and discover more about the letter. Holmes is Holmes, however he is written he is still the great detective. Mary’s personality seemed to fall back into the Mary Sue genre because she seemed to be able to beat up a man twice her size, and hypnotise a witness. Skills she didn’t seem to show in the previous two novels.

Despite all this, I did enjoy this novel. I didn’t give it a five star writing as it did have its flaws, but I would still like to continue with the series 🙂



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