Popsugar’s 2015 Reading Challenge!


I always struggle with my TBR so I decided to take part in Pop Sugar’s 2015 Reading Challenge to try and shift some of the 70+ books that are sitting on my To be read pile.
There are fifty categories in total, some of them I can’t actually use but I have put all of the challenges into a jar, like a TBR jar, so that I can pick and choose, and hopefully, cut my pile down.


If there is a category I cannot fit a book into, I will pick a random book off of my TBR instead. 2015 is going to be a busy year for me with my dissertation due in April, and graduation in October, but taking my mind away from busy university work by reading will help me get through the year.

It seems a great way to stay on top of things so if anyone else is doing it I would love to buddy up and be a cheerleader to help you get through it!
What do my fellow book bloggers think of this idea?

Thanks for reading!
-Katie (Sherlockianbooklover)


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