Review: Benedict Cumberbatch in Transition by Lynette Porter


Pages: 356
Read between: 2nd February 2015-14th February 2015
Rating: 5/5 stars

It’s great to see a biography based solely on an actors work in various mediums. Lynette Porter does just that in this unauthorised performance biography of British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, as she discusses his slow rise to fame before it was skyrocketed by Sherlock in 2010.

I’m a fan of Benedict, both of him and his work and it was great to hear opinions other than my own on various projects he’s done, for example, The Last Enemy and Fortysomething, to demonstrate his versatility as an actor. Obviously this means my opinion may be slightly biased, but this book is well written, well referenced and very good at not painting him as pompous or posh or anything else that could be seen as negative.

If you’re a fan, it would be worth picking this book (and its sequel which I have yet to read) up. It gives out a lot of information about his career before he became an international star thanks to Sherlock, which can give fans an opportunity to go back on his filmography and watch previous work.

All in all, I enjoyed delving in and learning about Benedict’s previous work. It was informative and it’s not surprise that I gave it a full rating of 5/5 stars.


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