Book Review: The Bridget Jones Diary Omnibus, The Singleton Years


Read between: 25th February 2015- 1st March 2015.
Number of pages: 710
Rating: four-star-rating-hi

A bind up of ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ and ‘The Edge of Reason’ the omnibus combines the bet selling novels by Helen Fielding into one huge, hilarious book. I only knew of Bridget Jones from the film adaptations of the same name but the book made me laugh, and made me cry just the same. Bridget is clearly the best and my favourite character because she is really relatable, although she is an older woman, I am still able to relate to her problems in love, life, and other things really well.

The first book is written in 1996, and the second in 1999 so a lot of the events that took place during that period, mentioned in the books, I cannot remember as I was very small. (I was 2 in ’96 and 4 in ’99) However, due to it being written in diary style, I flew threw the book with ease and learnt something new about what influential events happened and how people felt about them.

Poor Bridget has her ups and downs, and its easy to feel sorry for her when she finds herself unlucky in love because she’s just an average woman. The book could be a memoir- it feels that real.

I loved this book. The four star rating is only because of some of the traits of other characters in the book- like Daniel Cleaver, he’s very self centred and I immediately disliked him.

I can deal with film Daniel though. *sigh* Hugh Grant

I can deal with film Daniel though. *sigh* Hugh Grant

What made me laugh was Bridget’s crush on Colin Firth- who was cast in the film version as her boyfriend, Mark Darcy! Clever casting really worked. She’s also an atrocious cook and any time she tried I was in fits of laughter.

Oh, Mr Darcy <3

Oh, Mr Darcy ❤

I would definitely recommend this book to all the Singletons out there (and basically everyone else) as it’s funny, it’s relatable and it’s brilliant. I love Bridget Jones!


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