Review: The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason

Read between: 6th March-16th March
Number of pages: N/A (Kindle version)
Rating: four-star-rating-hi

Firstly, the premise of this book had me hooked when I realised what it was about. Victorian vampire hunters? Yes please! It was also free for Kindle and the book of the month for Benjaminoftomes goodreads book club. #ReadWithBen. 🙂

The story follows Victoria Grantworth Gardella, as she realises her destiny is to become a vampire hunter, and not just any vampire hunter, the elite, a Venator, a title that is passed down in the Gardella bloodline. A badass female protagonist? I was so excited to get into this book! The book started off slow to being with, but once I got immersed into the story it really began to get exciting! I like a book that makes me feel things and this book did. My heart was pounding during action scenes and it swelled when there was romance. Not a lot of books make that happen so I salute the author.

Victoria is clearly the best character, she fights vampires in corsets and heavy skirts because she’s badass. She’s like a Victorian Buffy. The whole book was action packed as Victoria and her fellow hunter, Maximillian Pesaro, tail vampires and stake them in the heart. There also comes a happier part of the book where Victoria marries a Marquess and they are happy together- until she reveals the truth about what she does.

But the ending, oh the ending….I saw it coming but it was still a blow to the heart. 😦

An enthralling and exhilarating read- I would recommend it to fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well as historical fiction.


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