I really need to catch up on my e-galleys from NetGalley. I’ve been so focused on university that I went to look at the books I needed to read on netgalley and….


Five of them have already been published since I requested them…..and I’ve not read them yet. I have three books on my TBR this month (and I’m failing at that too) so I plan to have a netgalley book catch up soon.

I’ve not been on Netgalley very long so I hope this doesn’t change my chance at getting galleys!

Tell me if I’m a horrible person and what book I should read first 😛


12 thoughts on “Woops.

  1. Your not a horrible person. I have two of those too and not got around to them yet either, I have a fair few more than 5 sitting waiting for me though. Will get to them soon. I read two or 3 of them a week and still cannot seem to keep up. Good luck with catching up, looking forward to seeing your reviews 🙂

      • I’ve been on netgalley for almost 2 years and I find that some ask for it by a specific time but I just read it when I can if thy don’t. As long as you read it eventually it’s fine. I still talk about the books I haven’t read so they are still getting publicity for them.

      • I haven’t and I have over 100, I am trying to read the older ones, that’s why they prefer to have a rating of over 80% but they know not everyone can and people always ask for loads at the start but then don’t get accepted for them all.

      • Oh okay! Thanks for this! It’s great to hear experiences from others who use it because I know who I can talk to if I think ‘shit i haven’t read this before publication’

        At least I’ve only got 5 😛

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been on NetGallery since the start of March and since then have had 23 approvals yet have only submitted 6 reviews. More than half of my shelf has been archived… Whoops.

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