Book Review: The TARDIS Handbook by Steve Tribe.

Previously read by the same author: The Sherlock Chronicles

Read between: 10th April-23rd April
Format: Hardcover
Number of pages: 128
Rating: 5/5 stars

Review: Probably the most bias review on here but this book is perfect for everyone who is a fan of Doctor Who, and even for people who are all ‘what is this whole police box thing about?’ It covers the TARDIS from Hartnell’s era to Series 5 Matt Smith era.

This makes it a little out of date but it’s very informative. I found out things about the TARDIS I didn’t know already and it was good to know some background information about Doctor Who in general too, such as the back stage team.

Not a very big review, but it isn’t a very big book!
Just delve into the world of the TARDIS and find out why the Doctor loves his spaceship so much 😉


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