July Wrap-Up.

July has been and gone so it’s time for a monthly wrap up. I did AMAZING in July, as I read a total of 12 books. 12! So here is  list of all the books I read this month, 10 of them have been reviewed on my blog- they can be found in the book review section of my blog (It’s here: https://sherlockianbooklover.wordpress.com/category/book-review/)

1. Way Down Dark by James P Smythe. 45/5 stars

I read this the day before it was released after recieving it from Netgalley, it was really fun and action packed- a fantastic dystopian read. I think you’ll love it of you like the Hunger Games and Divergent.

2. Bone Quill by John and Carole. E. Barrowman. 4/5 stars

I never got to review this because I was busy around the time I read it but I still enjoyed it. I read the first book, Hollow Earth, last year- it follows the story of Matt and Emily Calder and their power to bring drawings to life. This time, they also learn how to time travel into paintings. It’s cleverly thought out and a great middle grade fantasy. There is a third book in the series, so I’ll probably try and pick that up soon so I can find out how the story ends.

3. Carry You by Beth Thomas. 4/5 stars

A book about grief, friendship and love. I really enjoyed this book because the character of Daisy was instantly likeable and felt real. The Facebook posts in and around the story added to that feel too. It was funny in some places and sad in others but great.

4. Summer at the Lake by Erica James. 5/5 stars.

This story looked at the unlikely friendship between three people, Floriana, Adam and the elderly Esme. It was funny in places and as secrets from Esme’s past reappeared. Adam and Floriana reconsider their relationship. A trip to Lake Como in Italy is a much needed break for all of them but it’s not as relaxing as they hoped.

5. You’re the One that I Want by Giovanna Fletcher 5/5 stars

The underlying theme of this book is friendship and proves that three can sometimes be a crowd. Especially when Rob and Maddy start dating – leaving Ben as the third wheel. I loved this book. It was nice to read the story from childhood to adulthood. The characters grew up as I read.

6. Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher 5/5 stars.

We always dream about people we fancy or celebrities we fantasise about. Sarah starts dreaming about an old school friend and then he turns up in the real world! Is she able to act normal around him? Luckily, real Brett was as lovely as Dream Brett so the inevitable romance made me squeal.

7. Day of the Troll by Simon Messingham. 5/5 stars.

A very biased rating for a fantastic Doctor Who audio book. I loved the premise of the story, set in distant future England- and a dormant alien that is slowly coming to the surface in the guise of a troll under the bridge. Very clever and good narration by David Tennant.

8. The Dandelion Years by Erica James.

Saskia is a book lover so automatically I loved her. This book looks at the mystery surrounding Enigma and Bletchley Park, with a war time love story written in a notebook and hidden in a bible. I really liked this book- the way it flipped between past and present really opened it up as a story.

9. Her Mother’s Shadow by Diane Chamberlain. 5/5 stars.

Finishing the trilogy with this book was clever as it proves how much a dilemma someone can be in. Lacey faces a double dilemma and some secrets buried come to light. The ending is surprising but I felt that it was actually chosen well.

10. Reflection by Diane Chamberlain. 4/5 stars.

Not my favourite Diane Chamberlain but the story was well thought out – reflecting on the past throughout before the twist of a reveal that I wasn’t expecting at the end. Reflection is both a literal meaning behind the book as well as the setting. Rachel was a likeable character, although in her forties so slightly unrelatable. Enjoyed nonetheless.

11. Me and Mr J by Rachel McIntyre. 2.5/3 out of 5 stars.

Wasn’t totally keen on this book because of the whole teacher/student physical relationship. I wouldn’t have minded so much if Mr Jagged hadn’t been Lara’s teacher. I liked that it was written in diary form though. This made it really easy to read and I flew through it.

12. Omega Rising by Jessica Meats. 4/5 stars.

Not reviewed this one either but I actually met the author at LFCC in 2012. I have been awful and not read the book until now. Woops.

Anyway, it follows Jenny in her new job. A secret company she knows nothing about but as equipment and technology starts being stolen by supposed aliens…she starts to question if she’s on the right side. It’s a very short book and lots happens very quickly but it was a fun read and fits perfectly into the sci-fi genre.

And that’s it!

Let me know if you’ve read any of these books. What did you think of them?

I’m now also quite a way through my reading challenge 38/50 books read this year!.

I’m currently reading One Day by David Nicholls.

Thanks for reading!


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