Book Review: The Moriarty Papers

wpid-20150812_094255.jpgRead between: 9th-10th of August
Number of pages: 160
Format: Hardback
Rating:Β five_star_rating

Before I review the book in it’s entirety, I want to show you how glorious it is. When you open it, there is a fold out map:
the map shows certain places that Moriarty deems important as well as his hide out and Baker Street marked in the magnifying glasses.

The pages are also covered in either handwriting, typed pages or images which really give the idea of a folder full of case notes or diary entries.
wpid-20150812_094346.jpg wpid-20150812_094359-1.jpg

It’s wonderful.
Now, onto the review.

Basically, if Professor James Moriarty had been a real person, this would be a non-fiction collection on all of his crime files and personal accounts. This would be the result.

I know right John? Of course he’s real!

Compiled by his right hand man, Colonel Sebastian ‘Basher’ Moran, this book is basically a documentation of the criminal’s work, and his involvement into all of Holmes’ cases alongside blueprints of possible inventions to aid him in his criminality and diary entries about how he feels about the publication of the adventures of Holmes and Watson (with some truly lovely nicknames for them…)

We also get to find out about what truly happened to Moriarty after he and Holmes fell to their deaths in ‘The Final Problem’ we all know what happened to Holmes, we discover that in ‘The Empty House’ but not Moriarty. I found it quite amusing to picture as it was actually very different to what Holmes did.

Moran leaves funny side notes on some of the pages, sometimes they’re sarcastic, but most of the time it’s just his feelings on certain cases and how he feels about what happened and if he disagrees with them.

Overall, it is a good book that any Sherlock Holmes fan needs in their collection. It’s small, and would make the perfect coffee table book for anyone to flick through curiously, or just to be flicked through now and then.

It is absolutely brilliant!
I commend the (slightly anonymous) authors on this fine piece of literature.

5/5 stars.

It’s so so perfect.


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