Review: The Selection Series by Kiera Cass (i.e. Katie is too lazy to review all three seperately)

The-Selection-collageThe Selection                           The Elite                                 The One
Read: 12th-13th of August       Read: 13th-14th of August     Read: 14th-16th of August
Rating: 4 stars                          Rating: 3/5 stars                     Rating: 4/5 stars

From the ratings it is clear which of the series was my least favourite (in trilogies it’s always the second book) and I’ll go into more detail in a moment. I requested the entire series off of Netgalley because I’ve heard such good things about it, and although I enjoyed this series, especially America and Maxon’s romance, there were definitely flaws.

The Selection- I gave this one four stars, as, as an opening to the series it was great, we got to know America before she became selected and follow her to her journey to the palace as she took part in the competition which, is basically, Big Brother but for wannabe princesses. I liked America to start with, and didn’t like a lot of the other girls, such as Celeste (more about her later). It was clear from the start America didn’t want to be there, so for the majority of the book I kept going ‘Why?’. Entering a competition to possibly marry a prince because your boyfriend said so isn’t the logical thing to do really. However, Prince Maxon is shy and actually very lovely. It’s clear he’s interested. Yes, you’ve just been dumped America, but don’t be so standoffish! So, yes, there are flaws but the detail of the dresses and the castes was really great! I want to be part of the The Selection only for the dresses. Good introduction to the series and characters. It was a quick read so if I were to read it again I’d take my time because that’s probably a better way to enjoy it.

The Elite- Sigh. Not my favourite. America and Maxon were all sorts of annoying. Are they friends? Are they fighting? Are they together? Clearly it would take a lot for them to actually stand each other. However, the drama in this book definitely added more excitement away from M and A’s relationship. I felt so bad for Marlee. She found true love but was punished for it because he wasn’t Prince Maxon. America’s bravery in trying to stop her punishment made me love her. She’s a girl who really cares about her friends. It may not be how a future princess should act, but I commended her for it. It actually picked up toward the middle and I actually started enjoying it. We got to see a bit more of the King and Queen in this one which was good, and I was glad that sometimes the focus shifted away from the girls taking part in the Selection. It was a nice break.  Rebel attacks for example, although a lot more went down in the last book.

The One- Yay, it was America all along who would marry Maxon! (Spoiler, but we all say that coming right?) Except for the moment he caught her with Aspen and I genuinely thought that he was going to marry Kriss instead. A lot of secrets were revealed in this book which I liked, it finalised things, such as links to rebels, the King’s opinion of America, and the reveal as to who Officer Leger really was to America. We also got some character development! Celeste actually turns out to be really lovely in the end, rather than the bitch I thought she was and I was glad that she and America made peace before the end. Unfortunately, she, and many other characters are killed by rebels :c

The bloodshed at the end of this book was awful. It really hit me hard to find out Queen Amberley had perished as I felt I didn’t get to know her that much at all in the entire series. Shame.

But we got a wedding, a happy glorious wedding and I was so pleased that everyone who survived came out of it happy. Happiness is a thing to treasure.

I know there is a fourth novel, The Heir, but will be reading and reviewing that seperately rather than part of this series. If anyone has read this books please let me know, and I apologise for the spoilers if you haven’t.

Thanks for reading!


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