Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Number of pages: 445
Read between: 16th August 2015-1st September 2015
Format: Paperback
Rating: five_star_rating

First things first, here is a gif that sums up all my feelings about this book:

To the review!
Never ever have I related to a book character as much as Cath since Hermione. I rated Fangirl very highly because not only was it a fantastic story but the integration of fanfiction and the Simon Snow excerpts really helped to appreciate Cath’s love for Simon, Baz and the fictional wizarding world of the Simon Snow stories.

We follow Cath as she starts university (or college in the US) and is separated from her twin sister, Wren, as well as having a room mate who she thinks hates her, and that room mate’s boyfriend, Levi, who always seems to be…..everywhere. She’s a bit socially awkward, preferring to stay in her room than socialise with the other freshman. It’s very new to her. I get it. I’ve just finished university but when I first started, I felt a lot like Cath did too.

Simon Snow, however, is an ingenious creation. We all know of the popularity of Harry Potter, Simon Snow is….basically Harry Potter-but a little different. Rainbow Rowell was very clever in creating something fictional but relate-able as as a reader, I got to know the characters better and know the characters that Cath adored.

It was so great, there was drama with Wren, a romance with Levi (spoiler!) and I also think that overall we were able to see a change in Cath as the story progressed. Not a major change but there was definitely some character development towards the end. I’d totally recommend this book to all of those who write fanfiction and call themselves nerds. (I’m guilty of this, I have a neglected account…), those who are socially inept, or just…everyone. It’s truly wonderful!

(ALSO! Rainbow is bringing out Carry On, Cath’s fic, as an ACTUAL book: )

5/5 stars!
And I CANNOT WAIT for Carry On.

Thanks for reading!


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