The Infinity Award

I was nominated by Beth from Down the Rabbit Hole. Thanks Beth!


1. Who is your best blogging friend?

I don’t think I would say I had a /best/ blogging friend. All of the friends that I interact with here are all very important to me.
I love you all!

2. What is the best book cover you have ever seen?

I personally love the cover to These Broken Stars.

3. What’s your favourite slang word?

Um. I don’t actually know….I use don’t, can’t etc a lot but I don’t see them as proper sang words 😛

4. Favourite flower?

A toss up between daisy’s as they’re very dainty, and roses. I was given a bouquet of pink roses for my birthday this year by the little boy I used to babysit and they were lovely.

5. Scariest roller coaster/ride you’ve ever been on?

The Aerosmith one at Disneyland, I hate it so much and as much as I love Disney, I’ll avoid it at all costs.

6. Favourite Disney movie?

Easy. The Little Mermaid

7. Book you want made into a movie?

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

8. Favourite piece of jewellery?

I have two rings that I wear a lot, and a ‘K’ necklace but I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a favourite piece. There’s a lot of sentimental value in every piece.

9. Savoury or sweet snacks? Which ones?

Sweet 🙂

10. All time favourite movie?

It’s only a recent movie actually, but Begin Again starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo is my new favourite movie. It’s so cute! The soundtrack is wonderful too.

Now for the nominations! I’ll nominate
Lizzie, from mylittlebookblog
Analee from Book Snacks
Michelle from thewritinghufflepuff

Beth kept her questions the same from the blog who nominated her but I’ve decided to come up with some different questions! You can always use the ones above if they are easier to answer 🙂

1. Favourite quote? Why?
2. Who would you consider your literary spirit animal?
3. What’s your favourite TV show?
4. Which period of time would you most like to live in? eg. Victorian Era, Tudor England etc
5. Do you have a pet/ Do you want a pet? If so what is their name?
6. Do you cosplay/ would you ever consider cosplaying?
7. Ugliest book cover?
8. Any allergies?
9. Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
10. Who is your auto-buy author?

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “The Infinity Award

  1. Oh I absolutely /adore/ Begin Again, it’s a beautiful film. I’ve been scrolling through your blog and I’m so glad you followed me so i could find you. It’s brilliant. You obviously put a lot of time and effort into it which is great

    • It’s my new favourite. I’ve leant it out to someone at the moment so I’ll have to text her and remind her to drop it back to mine when it’s done.

      Scroll away!

      Thank you ♡
      I’m glad you like it.

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