Book Review: The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern


Read between: 17th-27th of October
Format: Kindle ebook
Number of pages: n/a
Date published: 2009
Publisher: Harper Collins
Synopsis: Born into the lap of luxury and comfortable in the here and now, spoiled, tempestuous Tamara Goodwin has never had to look to the future–until the abrupt death of her father leaves her and her mother a mountain of debt and forces them to move in with Tamara’s peculiar aunt and uncle in a tiny countryside village.
Tamara is lonely and bored, with a traveling library as her only diversion. There she finds a large leather-bound book with a gold clasp and padlock, but no author name or title. Intrigued, she pries open the lock, and what she finds takes her breath away.
Tamara sees entries written in her own handwriting, and dated for the following day. When the next day unfolds exactly as recorded, Tamara realizes she may have found a solution to her problems. But in her quest to find answers, Tamara soon learns that some pages are better left unturned and that, try as she may, she mustn’t interfere with fate.

Review: I picked up this book a while ago when it was cheap to buy as part of the Amazon Kindle daily deals. I was drawn in by the author, as I have read two Cecilia Ahern books before (The Gift, P.S. I Love You) so I was looking forward to it and went into this book knowing nothing about the story. Although this did give me expectations it was a good decision to make.

16 year old Tamara Goodwin has everything- a big house, rich parents, a villa abroad, the dream life. That is, until her father commits suicide out of the blue. Tamara and her mother then have to leave that big luxury house behind and go and live in the middle of nowhere with her aunt and uncle- who could not live an any more opposite lifestyle.

Tamara definitely comes across as a spoilt brat to begin with, but slowly she starts to become more likeable- although I did hate what she did to Marcus, the young man who drove the travelling library, the poor guy had no idea what was coming.

Talking of the travelling library, when she discovers a locked book she decides to take it home only to find out it’s a blank diary. Or so she thinks. Going to write in it she discovers she’s already written in it- but for tomorrow! Confused as how tomorrow’s entries are already written, she follows out the scenario when tomorrow comes around. Tamara uncovers many secrets- about the nun who befriended her, her aunt’s true love, her aunt’s jealousy, and most of all,  her true parentage! Trying to take all of that in, both the good and the bad, whilst grieving, is tough. It’s not all bad though, her mother stops moping and leaves her bedroom to start finally interacting with her daughter-just before her brother’s sister (Tamara’s aunt) tries to hide the revelations before they come to light.

It’s really difficult not to go into more detail without spoiling the story. It’s also really hard to explain. Tamara has bratty moods and reckless behaviour, her aunt Rosaleen is prim and proper, a do-everything housewife, and we don’t really get to know Jennifer, Tamara’s mum, until the very end under Rosaleen’s point of view. Not so good when you discover that Rosaleen never liked her. I do wish there’d been more character building but I still really enjoyed it despite it being hard to follow in places.

It’s YA, it’s contemporary-it’s my sort of book. I’d recommend it if you like similar genres.

3.5/5 stars 🙂

Let me know if you have read this book or anything else by Cecelia Ahern!
Thanks for reading
~ Katie


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