Book Review: The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling)


Read between: 29th October- 16th November.
Number of pages: 550
Published: 13th February 2014
Publisher: Sphere

Synopsis: When a troubled model falls to her death from a snow-covered Mayfair balcony, it is assumed that she has committed suicide. However, her brother has his doubts, and calls in private investigator Cormoran Strike to look into the case. A war veteran, wounded both physically and psychologically, Strike’s life is in disarray. The case gives him a financial lifeline, but it comes at a personal cost: the more he delves into the young model’s complex world, the darker things get – and the closer he gets to terrible danger.

A gripping, elegant mystery steeped in the atmosphere of London – from the hushed streets of Mayfair, to the backstreet pubs of the East End, to the bustle of Soho – The Cuckoo’s Calling is a remarkable debut. Introducing Cormoran Strike, it is a classic crime novel unlike any other book you will read this year

Review: This novel began slow put when it started to pick up it was really difficult to put down. I really wanted to find out who the killer was and tried to guess as the story progressed.

It’s not surprising I love this book. J.K Rowling is great at hooking in a reader and keeping them there. Cormoran Strike was not someone I expected to like at the beginning despite being the main protagonist- he was grumpy, rude and although he has his reasons, I was worried he’d end up staying that way.

There’s such a clever range of characters in The Cuckoo’s Calling that it’s hard to pinpoint who I, as the reader, considered as suspects in the murder of model Lula Landry. Her death begins the story and it seems like a generic suicide until more and more information comes to light.

I worked out who did it- I gathered the clues up but it was good because I didn’t come to the same conclusion that Strike did. It was quite the twist though because at the beginning they were the last person I thought it could have been- but then it always is isn’t it?

I’m so glad that there are going to be more books in this series because crime and mystery is a genre I don’t read as much of as I’d like.

I would definitely recommend this. It doesn’t disappoint. There’s plot twists, punch ups, everything a good crime drama needs.

5/5 stars.
It was thrilling, it was entertaining, it was really really great.



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