NanoWriMo Week 3! 16th-22nd November

I’m doing my best. It’s unlikely that I’ll reach the target of 50,000 words by the end of the month but this week has been quite productive.

In most instances I surpassed my daily word count and wrote about 2000 words a day. As I was working most of the week, in my free time I was writing as much as I can but the inspiration is slowly leaving.

I hope I don’t get writers block in this final week but if I don’t manage to get 50,000 words written, I will finish my novel as it is. I would love a couple of beta readers but I’m not looking at publishing because I feel that the type of novel I’ve written is too similar to some already out there.

However, at the end of week 3 I’ve written a total of 33, 810 words!

If you want to follow my progress, my NanoWriMo user name is katiebatch94 🙂



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