NanoWriMo: The End.

Hey guys, guess what. I didn’t win NanoWriMo.

I didn’t expect to, but my progress has been pretty amazing considering the time limit- and I started a day late. My journey has taken 29 days and it’s amazing how you can start with no plan, no ideas, just a little inspiration from YA authors and have 87 pages of text written by the end of it.

My word count, according to the NanoWriMo official counter is 40,625, although I’m aiming to reach 41,000 words by the end of the evening. That is the final goal I am setting myself.

For a first time NanoWriMoer, I am happy.

When you set yourself goals you can do anything! I’m definitely going to consider attempting it again next year as it actually gave me something that I could put my mind too and try to succeed.

I’ve had lots of support and for those who didn’t get as far as me, keep going! It’s not about the amount of time, it’s the amount of words that matters- and the quality of them.

Thanks for reading!
– Katie



6 thoughts on “NanoWriMo: The End.

  1. Great job on your first go at NaNo! I didn’t have time to try for it this year. I attempted it last year and only made it to 12,000 before completely losing my story.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Congrats with your first attempt! In my first year, back in 2009, I stranded at 32K. Every year that followed (I skipped 2011, though) I won NaNoWriMo. It does get easier. Still insanely hard, but easier nevertheless. So, if you follow the same path, you’re in for some exciting November months in the future.

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