Small post but an oops post.

I forgot I’d asked to review a title on Netgalley- so much that when I then  logged on today- it had already been archived so I can’t download it onto my kindle! So….I can’t actually read and review because I’ve put myself on a book buying ban :/

My 2016 resolution should really be- Don’t Neglect Netgalley!

A hahaha I’m an awful reviewer.



8 thoughts on “Small post but an oops post.

  1. That’s a shame but you should watch out because they sometimes put it back on in a few months and it will be there again for you (without requesting it again). The very first book I requested on Netgalley I was approved but after they archived it so I had no way to download it. I use netgalley daily and make sure I download books as soon as I am approved so there’s no way it can run out.

    How long is your ban on for? I am trying that just now but not going well. I have more books than I can ever read as is but I cannot help but buy more.

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