Book Review: The Krillitane Storm by Christopher Cooper


Read: 6th February 2016
Format: Hardback
Number of pages: 242
Published: 3 September 2009
Publisher: BBC Books


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Review: First thing I had to comment on is that Christopher Cooper writes the Tenth Doctor perfectly. From his pointy hair to his trainers his characterisation was on point.  If you know the Tenth Doctor well enough, this really shines through. However we don’t meet him immediately so as a reader I was drawn in to the setting and the people to begin with.

Medieval Worcester, strange killings, spaceships and illegal biological science? Sounds like a classic adventure to me! It was everything you’d expect from an episode. To me these books extend the Doctor’s adventures beyond television and I always get absorbed in what is going on during the novel.

Obviously the Doctor gets the blame for one of the killings as soon as he arrives. He always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. On the other hand, the real killer is a monster I knew quite well, as well as the reference back to the TV episode they appeared in. The Krillitanes. It helped the image and sounds describe become real in my head and I wanted to keep on reading to find out what clever idea the Doctor was going to use to save the day.

The guest companion, Emily, was not what she seemed at first- she actually turned out to be pretty awesome! She had a hidden agenda and it was clear she didn’t need the Doctor to complete her task. She could do it herself.

As it turns out, the Krillitanes aren’t the bad guys, the scientists are siphoning off their oil. They’re lab rats! I think this might be the reason why I sympathised with Toeclaw,  a female Krillitane who sacrificed herself to save her brood. A mothers love is strong, even in blood thirsty aliens! A surprising end but thanks to her, Emily, and the Doctor’s wit, as well as other allies he’d gained on the way- Worcester was saved from both evil scientists and an angry swarm of big bat people 😉

I read this in a day. I flew through it. It’s an easy read but it also keeps you drawn in with every moment.
A very biased rating.
5/5 stars.

Thanks for reading!
~ Katie



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