Bookmark Collection:Update

I swear I’ve already posted something similar to this before, but many of the bookmarks I own have a story behind them- there are a couple missing, I’m not sure where they’ve gone but oh well! Let’s get started.


  • Hollow Earth bookmark- This one I received from a publisher alongside the first two books in the Hollow Earth trilogy by John and Carole.E. Barrowman.
  • The Snowman bookmark- This came with one of those charity donation slips you get in the mail, I never really donate because the amounts they ask for I can’t provide….but I enjoy the freebies that come with them
  • The Book People bookmarks- I won these in an Instagram giveaway!
  • Cats Protection bookmark- As above, it came in the mail with a bunch of other things from the charity asking for donations.


  • Purple and Orange bookmark- I’ve had this for a long time, everyone in my class was given one of these bookmarks, each personalised, at the end of the year when I was in Year 3 (so I was eight). 14 years later, I still have it and still use it!
  • Hand made embroidered bookmark- I bought this from Greece when I was on holiday there.
  • Bookworm bookmark- I can’t remember when I got this but I love it.
  • Cumberbatch photobomb bookmark- I saw the original photobomb photograph and thought to myself, this needs to be a bookmark. So I made one!
  • Giant pink paperclip- A cracker prize!


  • Leather Sherlock Holmes bookmark- A souvenir picked up from the Sherlock Holmes museum in London, there were many to choose from but this one had the best quote in my opinion. It’s used a lot.
  • Owl paperclip bookmarks- I bought these last year in the airport before I went on holiday, they’re from Claires Accessories. I thought they were really cute.
  • Big black paperclip- as with the pink one above, it came from a Christmas cracker.
  • Gecko bookmark- this was a souvenir from Tenerife- unfortunately I don’t use it because it tends to tear the top of the pages.
  • Blue butterfly bookmark- I believe I bought this in Year 6 but I cannot be positive.
  • Purple butterfly bookmark- This was a gift! 🙂
  • Ariel bookmark- I bought this from thestickeralley on etsy as part of a set of two- the other, Ariel in her pink dress, is in my planner.


  • Owl bookmark- this was a gift one Christmas, it’s really pretty and I haven’t used it yet.
  • Gold and purple book mark- I can’t remember where I got this one either but the gems are falling off the main decoration so I probably won’t use it again.
  • Book bands- the purple and red book bands were a present from my parents after they’d been away for a week- they work really well on hard back books because they sit really nicely on the spine.

And that’s all the bookmarks I could find! There’s quite a few.

Thanks for reading!


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