Book Review: The Number One Rule for Girls by Rachel McIntyre.

Previously read by the same author: Me and Mr J

Read between: 1st-2nd March
Number of pages: n/a
Format: ebook
2016 Reading Challenge: A book published in 2016
Publisher: Electric Monkey
Published: February 25th 2016Synopsis: Daisy knows a thing or two about love and romance. She’s surrounded by it- in fact, there’s no escape! Not only are her parents childhood sweethearts turned soulmates, they also run a very successful wedding agency ‘Something Borrowed’, helping couples to tie the not in whatever frilly, quirky, tasteful, outrageous way they choose. So it’s no surprise that Daisy has a pretty clear vision of how her life with boyfriend Matt is going to pan out.

There’s one major flaw in this plan- Matt and Daisy have split up! Determined not to brood, Daisy sets out to re-invent her life and her dreams. And that’s when Toby enters the scene, who appears to be perfect but is turning all the Rules upside down….

Rating: 3-5-stars

Review: I was offered to review this via netgalley from the publisher, so thank you Egmont/Electric Monkey for allowing me to have the chance to read it before publication….even though I didn’t until the week after 🙂
Compared to Me and Mr J, this story is so much more believable- the romance between a teacher and a student was something I just couldn’t get into. SO thank god this book is better! It has hints of Louise Rennison’s writing style/language which I think made the main character, Daisy, much more loveable. Daisy is coming out of a break up, and made the decision to start afresh and star college- so it’s safe to say that there are a lot of emotions going on inside Daisy’s head from the moment we are introduced.

Then she meets Toby, and seems to then have one emotion- happiness. From the start I had a feeling that Toby, the hot guy from college, was too perfect to be true- I hated that I was right. However, this didn’t mean that their relationship was flawed, it made me happy to see him giving her flowers, taking her out to posh restaurants, and being, well, pretty damn adorable. They were so cute together. Then it all went wrong.

Daisy is surrounded by couples, her friends both have boyfriends, her parents own a successful wedding business, so it’s nice that she’s not alone. Despite this though, she and her friend have one VERY important rule: It’s better to be single than to date a twat.

Ayesha, Beth and Daisy are clearly the best of friends, and even when they have small fallings out, the rule remains a constant. Matt left Daisy in order to go to Magaluf and work at his Mum’s bar- does that mean he’s a twat? Obviously, to Daisy, yes. I thought Toby would be the shining light in Daisy’s life- true, he wasn’t her teacher like in Me and Mr J,  but I didn’t expect such a rapid change in personality. You never know what someone might be like underneath, perfect, gorgeous, Toby is also extremely paranoid. I felt really sorry for Daisy- she became a victim of guilt, and she hadn’t done anything!

I just wanted Matt to fly back to England and cheer her up (no spoilers, but they deserved that last moment together).

I decide to rate this book 3.5/5 stars because I was enjoying it until I ended up HATING Toby. I completely misjudged him! Daisy is a typical curvy, individual, person, and he kept trying to change who she was. No. Just No. Don’t do that.

There’s always some kind of taboo topic in McIntyre’s books, so take them with a pinch of salt. This book has proved one thing to me though- it’s much better to be single.


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