Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters Everyone Loves, But I Just Don’t Get.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, this week, the focus is on characters- now I was going to switch it up a bit, but actually, I have answers for this topic. So, here are my Top Ten Characters Everyone Loves but I didn’t get.


  1. Anne, from Anne of Green Gables- I get that a lot of people love the story and love the character but….I’m picky, I just found her a little arrogant and she spoke far too much that the other characters seemed….well, I don’t know, I feel that Anne was perhaps a little too central.
  2. Draco Malfoy- Okay, yes, I love Harry Potter but like JK Rowling, I can’t see how anyone can love, literally, the boy who basically picked on Harry Potter throughout the entirety of his Hogwarts years. Was he just jealous? Spiteful? Full of hate? I think Draco is a spoilt brat, and although I love Harry Potter….Draco is never a character I can like (unless its the AVPM Malfoy cause that portrayal is genius)

  3. Christian Grey- I haven’t even read the book but he totally deserves a placeΒ  on this list.
  4. Wren- Fangirl.
    Let’s be clear here, I don’t hate Wren, I just hate the way she treated Cath. I love Cath and it made me feel down that her sister, her twin sister, started drifting away from her when they needed each other.
  5. Jasper Cullen- Twilight.
    I could rant about MANY characters in the Twilight series, but Jasper I never understood, again, I don’t dislike him, I just don’t get him. I mean, sure, he was the one who found it most difficult to resist the bloodlust but compared to the others? I dunno- he and Alice were cute together but even so…. I felt out of all of them it was Jasper that seemed most freaky. (However, film Jasper is way more attractive than film Edward so….put me down for Team Jasper and his broodiness in that sense :P)
  6. Caroline Bingley- Pride and Prejudice.
    The thing with Caroline is, well, I’m not sure if people /love/ her but I know they love the story. I disliked her from the moment she broke her brother and Jane up. I just don’t get why she needed to add pointless drama- AND SHE INSULTED MRS BENNET. Like woah girl, back off the matriarch.
  7. Tris Prior- Divergent
    In the end she made the wrong decision because she thought her strength would get her through it. She always misjudged herself and others, and was it just me or did she get more arrogant as the trilogy progressed?
  8. Β Augustus Waters- The Fault in Our Stars
    I just really didn’t like his written voice- I can’t really explain it but Hazel seemed so lovely and conflicted and Augustus was just like ‘Lets throw eggs at my blind friends ex girlfriends car to help him vent his anger!’
    That’s vandalism.
  9. Lara- Me and Mr J.
    Who honestly thinks they can have a relationship with their school teacher and it’ll be fine and they’ll get away with it? Um- no-one. It’s weird.
  10. Peeta Mellark- The Hunger Games
    Tries to hard. That’s what Peeta does. Sorry!


That’s my Top Ten Tuesday!

Thanks for reading!



31 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters Everyone Loves, But I Just Don’t Get.

  1. I agree with you totally about Draco! It wasn’t until well after the series was over that I discovered there were people who loved Draco, and even worse, people who wanted Draco and Hermione to end up together! That always blows my mind, and not in a good way.

    My TTT.

  2. I was always a Peeta girl myself, but I can see why he would be polarizing. Draco is truly awful though. I felt pity for him at the end, but not much else.

  3. I don’t think you’re meant to like Caroline. But I do understand her. Her family is clinging to the edge of ‘good enough,’ having more money than bloodlines. Who her brother marries would either move them up or down in class, which in turn affects who *she* can marry. Still a spoiled, two-faced flirt, though.
    My TTT

  4. Gosh I agree so much with you about Augustus Waters!! And Tris Prior!! And Jasper Cullen!! (also you’re totally right, Christian Grey belongs on this list- and I can say that as someone who made the mistake of reading the first book *shudders*) Excellent choices!

    • Thank you! Augustus is so pretentious and Tris just got…well she had an air of self importance about her you know? I love Twilight don’t get me wrong but Jasper was just a grump πŸ˜›

      I’m not mentioning Christian….*also shudders*

      Thank you! πŸ˜€

      • Yeah exactly!! What kind of teenager uses an unlit cigarette as a metaphor?? Yeah she definitely did- especially as she became the most special of all the special snowflakes- which irritated me no end. Yeah he really was.
        haha yes let’s not mention He Who Must Not Be Named- he’s actually more terrifying than Voldemort :p you’re welcome

      • That’s the bit I didn’t understand- he was making a statement but I was just like- WHAT WASTE. And I don’t even smoke. Maybe that’s why both TFIOS and Allegiant didn’t cause tears. :/

        I’d let Voldemort take me out for dinner over Christian Grey! xD

      • haha exactly!! It’s also giving money to the very people you don’t like- it makes literally no sense. Yeah exactly :/ I didn’t cry in either of those.
        haha me too- any day- at least Voldemort wouldn’t be a creep, he’d just kill me :p

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