25 Bookish Facts about Me.

  1. I prefer paperbacks to hard back book as they’re smaller- however, if  a book is super large, I prefer to read the ebook.
  2. I buy more books than I read!
  3. I don’t have favourite genre- however, if I don’t like a particular book in a genre it’s unlikely I’ll pick up that genre again.
  4. I buy most of my books online
  5. I owe a few signed books! (I might do a post about it maybe), most of them are Doctor Who novels when I met the authors and I won’t get rid of them.
  6. I will never not love the Harry Potter books and the world they are based in- I’m really looking forward to The Cursed Child!
  7. I like reading contemporary novels most in the summer
  8. I’ll read anything if there is some link to Sherlock Holmes somewhere in it.
  9. I’ve put myself on a book buying ban until I’ve cleared my TBR
  10. There are 80+ books on my TBR
  11. I don’t count purchasing ebooks under £1.00 as breaking my ban as they’re adding to my lack of bookshelf space 🙂
  12. I love entering giveaways for the chance to win free books!
  13. The best times I like to read is in bed or with a movie or music on in the background.
  14. I always have a cup of tea whilst reading
  15. My book obsession has grown as I’ve got older
  16. I really like historical fiction
  17. I own THREE adult colouring books!
  18. I rarely DNF a book- even if I hate it because I want to be able to give an honest review.
  19. I own a Kindle, I find it very convenient when travelling.
  20. I rarely listen to audiobooks unless I already own them because I find them more expensive considering sites such as audible charge on top of the book prices
  21. I’m worried the narrator of an audiobook will ruin the book for me
  22. I’m really behind on my Netgalley reviews.
  23. I’m a book hoarder
  24. I’m not keen on classics
  25. I only break my book buying ban for my autobuy authors bcause I NEED their new book before it sells out.




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