The Birthstone Book Tag!

This tag was created by Jay G on Youtube/Booktube- her original video is here:

January- Garnet, associated with warding off negative forces and dark energies. Name a book with the darkest/evilest character you can think of.

For this question I went with Harry Potter because it doesn’t matter what I read Lord Voldemort is full on evil, but if not him, there’s always Dolores Umbridge 😉

February- Amethyst. Purple is associated with royalty, name a book with regal qualities, characters or if just the King of book.

I actually chose my current read for this one- The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory, not only is it about two very important Queens, Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots- it also has a purple cover!!!

March- Aquamarine. ‘Washed out’- a wishy washy character

I couldn’t decide between two characters- but eventually I went for Bella from Twilight, okay, she got a little better as the series progressed but in Book One she was a very wishy washy!

April- Diamond. A diamond in the rough. A book you love that isn’t well known.

I sort of have two answers for this, the first I read this year. Being Someone by Adrian Harvey, the second is by a friend, well more of an acquaintance but hey I have author friends! It’s The Titanic’s Mummy by David J.H. Smith.

May- Emerald. Said to balance energy. Name two characters who balance each other well.

Easy peasy. Holmes and Watson!

June- Pearl. Associated with loyalty. Name a character who is loyal to the end.

Ron Weasley.


July- Ruby. Blood red. A book that made your blood boil, one that made you angry.

I narrowed the list I had down to Me and Mr J by Rachel McIntyre. I just got so annoyed with Lara that it made me angry. I get the romance element but….the whole ending where she thought her teacher didn’t deserve his punishment because it was her fault??? IT TAKES TWO DEAR.

 August- Peridot. Pale green- it pales in comparison to others. Name a supporting character you like better than the main.

THIS WAS SO DIFFICULT- but I chose Charlie Swan because he was just so funny.

September- Sapphire. Blue and calming like the ocean. Name a book that had a calming effect.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

October- Opal. Iridescent. A book with a beautiful cover.

I love the cover of These Broken Stars

November- Topaz. Associated with resilience. Name a character that rises to the top in a time of adversity.

Tris Prior- Divergent.

December- Blue Zircon. Friendship. A friendship you want to be a part of.

I’d LOVE to be part of the Golden Trio from the Harry Potter series because they always seem to have so much fun!

Thanks for reading, if you want to do this tag I’d love to see your answers.


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