Book Review: The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone.


Read between: 24th- 28th of March.
Number of pages: n/a
Publisher: Redhook
Published: October 20th 2015 (in the US)



Review: When I requested this book from Netgalley I knew I was going to enjoy it from the synopsis- and I did. I would have given it five stars but I felt the last part of the story got a little bit silly, but I’m not complaining!

Dahlia is your typical, average, unemployed woman with no idea what the future holds and what career she wants. I love her. She deals with her roommates gatherins, and lives her life how she wants, as she least she did- until a man named Jonah Long gives her a LOT of money to do some private detective work to recover a stolen spear. It sounds simple enough until she finds out that the spear is in fact digital and comes from an online multiplayer role play game (MMPORG) called Kingdoms of Zoth. She finds herself thrown into an unknown online world, hunting a spear, it’s thief, and as it later turns out,  a murderer.

Sometimes there was trouble, sometimes she was out of her depth- but I really ‘got’ Dahlia- I think if she were real we’d be genuine friends. After all, this is the girl who wears Ewok slippers and a Jigglypuff hat, although not together, cause that would be super weird.

All of the characters are individual, so it’s hard to pin down one that stood out, apart from Dahlia herself, or the one who turned out to be the killer- I never saw that coming! I tried to work it all out from where the story was going but I had no idea.

As I said, the ending got a little silly with the killer brandishing a gun at Dahlia whilst dress as a tree-being at  Zoth convention, perhaps it was a little too much. However, I really enjoyed this book! The first person narrative helped to get inside Dahlia’s head. As a geek myself I’m glad that geek culture was well represented.

Thoroughly recommend!
4/5 stars.

Thanks for reading!


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