Here’s a weird fact about me- I collect magazines, but not just any, only those that feature actors I look up to, the first being Keira Knightley and the second being Benedict Cumberbatch.

I don’t know what started it off but I thought I’d do a blog post about it!


There are six in total, and a lot of them were expensive but Keira’s life is always changing and I love reading her interviews because she’s so different than when she’s on screen. The magazines in this pile date from March 2011- March 2015.

With my queen on the cover, and her interviews (which i could just scan) I have built up a little collection. I still flick through them now and again to look at the fashion or to read some of the articles so they’re not totally useless!


A much smaller pile for Benedict- he doesn’t exactly model as much as Keira….

Okay, there’s one less!

In comparison to Keira’s these are much more film based- with three empire magazines, two are special editions and one contains a big interview (approx five??? pages). I love reading about Benedict’s work and his personal life so I do re-read these now and again!

The Big Issue magazine was a good buy as it’s a really good interview and I was supporting the homeless by purchasing it from the seller outside the Subway whilst I was at uni. (So good deed done and I got a magazine I wanted!)

So yes, this was a completely random post- but, technically, still book related. I don’t really go out and buy magazines anymore so these are nice to go back to if I don’t feel like committing to a book or if I want to take something with me to read if I’m going somewhere.

Thanks for reading!

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Am I mad for keeping all these?



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