Book Review: 1/2986 by Annelie Wendeberg


Read between: 16th-18th September
Format: ebook
Number of pages: 270
Genre: Science Fiction
Published: September 20th 2014
Synopsis: “Think of your darkest memory, and know that what is coming will be unimaginably worse. All your days. Every night. You’ll hate me for it. You’ll hate me as much as you can hate. I promise you that.”

Our world changed – our climate, our ecosystems, our food and water supply. Our survival stands on a knife’s edge. Ten billion lives are lost. Three million survived. War is coming. This is our story.

Rating: 003d1-threestar

Review: In the distant future, The Great Pandemic killed 1/2986th of the population. Mikah will never forget that number, she’s part of a new generation left behind- and she’s scratched the number into her skin. However, Mikah isn’t like the other girls left behind, her school mates are all getting married- she just wants to fix turbines.

It works in her favour- because during a regular check and fix of the turbines (to keep the town water supply fresh) she accidentally on purpose knocks out Runner, the new town Sequencer- a man who should be treated as if he is royalty. And she hit him over the head with a wrench, a move which angers her parents. However, her life then takes an unexpected turn when Runner asks her to become his apprentice. A girl is never chosen as an apprentice so it’s obviously a shock to everyone in the room but Runner.

It’s interesting, the contrast between her life before and after the apprenticeship, an example, she was used to living so simply, that the technology sequencers own, and that Runner has to teach her how to use, is very new to her!

And it’s not just technology.

During her apprenticeships, Mikah experiences harsh living conditions, as well as learning and discovering new things about the world beyond her home. And it’s not just the world around her, or the technology, Mikah also discovers new things about her life as she is put into situations that test her sexuality.

Unfortunately, her attitude in some places made me want to slap her and tell her to grow up and not be such a whiney brat. Runner has the patience of a saint to be dealing with her 24/7. Not that I blame her!

Mikah has some really shitty parents. Probably the characters I hated the most out of the whole book- they didn’t treat her like a daughter, they were cruel, even blaming her for her brother’s death. No second thoughts about the fact that she might be grieving too.

The most interesting part of the story is the elements about the spread of diseases such as TB and Cholera weren’t the whole cause of the Great Pandemic, I was a little shocked myself. The moral of the story? Humans are very cruel.

3/5 stars.
I enjoyed it, it was fast paced but some content could have been skipped over.

Thanks for reading!



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