Book Review: Initiate by Laura.L. Fox

Read between: 21st- 28th September 2016
Format: ebook
Published: November 15th 2016
Publisher: OfTomes Publishing
Synopsis: The only home Riga Garrison has ever known is the Tunnel, a subterranean research facility buried deep beneath Antarctica’s ice and snow.

Yet, while a safe haven for the last outpost of humanity governed by the Initiate, it is also home to a secret so dark that they will risk anything to protect it.

Surrounded by deceit and faced with exile to a frozen wasteland, Riga must defy not only the Initiate’s top biologists and loyalists but also her own mother, in an attempt to unearth the truth.
Rating: Image result for 3.5 stars

Review: Aliens land on Earth and accidentally cause a variety of species to become extinct- not that the government says it was aliens…

So a small population of humans retreat under the ice of Antarctic, to a city known only as the Tunnel, for obvious reasons- it’s basically a series of tunnels underground, like a rabbit warren! It’s controlled by The Initiate, a government organisation that watches their every move. (Sort of- it just controls how they live and what they’re taught at school.)

Riga hasn’t known anything different to her life in The Tunnel. She goes to school with her best friend Mynta, gets annoyed at her teacher, and has to deal with the fact her mother is working pretty much all the time. So, a basic teenager- despite the fact she lives under the ice- with only walls separating her from the ocean.

I like Riga, I mean sometimes she got a bit sarcastic, but she’s a good character. There’s even a little romance with Rhys, a friend to start with, which I think made the situation they were in that little bit more normal.

I so want a friend like Mynta though. I’d raid her make-up collection all the time, and she wouldn’t be able to stop me!

Everything is happy and normal until Riga and Mynta see something through the Atrium viewing window that changes everything. That moment prompts them to decide to set out on their own research project. However, luck is not on their side when Riga admits what they saw and what they’re doing to her mother. The after effects leave her without a friend, and breaks up her family in a way she couldn’t imagine.

Ariadne, Riga’s mother, is far more focused on her work than on her only daughter and I was so angry when she handed her  over to the Initiate. If she’d only been honest with Riga about what she was working on- Riga wouldn’t have had to go looking herself!

There’s drama, a cute romance which I mentioned above and in the end Riga, and Rhys, need to learn how to survive by themselves. The Tunnel was a controlled environment, they had to do what they were told. Now they have the freedom to go anywhere.

3.5/5 stars.
There were elements that made me slightly uncomfortable and confused, if it hadn’t been for that it would have been a four star. But that’s just me. I’d definitely recommend this book if you like sci-fi or dystopia. As a debut novel, I enjoyed it and I’m interested to see how the sequel compares!

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