Gold, Babies and The Brother’s Muldoon: A Skulduggery Novella by Derek Landy

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Read: 26th October 2016
Format: ebook

Midnight. Valkyrie Cain approaches an old, ramshackle church to make a delicate deal with a trio of ugly, hairy goblins. To her absolute non-surprise, the goblins have no intention of honouring that deal- but not to worry. Skulduggery Pleasant is standing by to deliver a surprise of their own.

Things, however, don’t go exactly according to plan. Not least because the goblins have a sister. A very big, very strong sister. Who might just have a TINY crush on one of our heroes…

Rating: Image result for five star rating


A small novella of a small task for Valkyrie and Skulduggery- involving Goblins, stealing babies, and returning them for gold- obviously! From a living corpse (not Skulduggery) offering Valkyrie advice, a she- goblin who wants to marry our skeleton detective, there’s lots going on, even in a 26 page novella!

Valkyrie isn’t going to let Skulduggery live it down, the fact the goblin was in love with him was hilarious to her. Skul and Peg, sitting in a tree….you know how the rest of the rhyme goes 😉

Or not, if Skulduggery has any say in the matter.

These mini adventures are always great fun because not only do we get to see the smaller adventures for Skulduggery and Valkyrie but the villains are always petty and never know what’s coming- and sometimes, only sometimes, there’s a subtle link to the next book.

The villains get upset when they don’t get their own way which is always amusing.
Villains never do!

5/5 stars. Great fun.

Thanks for reading!


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