Top Ten Benedict Cumberbatch movies


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

This week, the theme was a freebie based around movies and this post isn’t book related unfortunately. I thought I would do full fangirl and share my Top Ten movies starring Benedict Cumberbatch! So here goes:

1. Doctor Strange.
Starting off with the most recent! I love Marvel films and this film is all kinds of trippy (and Benedict’s American accent is weird) but it’s visually amazing and I’d definitely recommend it.

2. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug/ The Battle of the Five Armies
I’m not counting this as two as he played the same character in both- Smaug, the dragon. Considering he did the motion capture, I love this role. I’m pretty sure he can do anything, so he became a dragon!

3. The Imitation Game
This was my favourite film of 2014. Benedict stars as Alan Turing, the man who gave us the computer, but also struggled in society because he was gay. His story is sad because despite the fact he broke the German Enigma Machine, he was punished for being homosexual. It’s a brilliant film and I totally recommend it if you like historical movies.

4. Star Trek: Into Darkness
Yes, his character may have been whitewashed but Benedict is good at playing the genius with a dark side (like Sherlock) so there was no way he was going to be bad in Star Trek. John Harrison is a seriously understood guy. I actually really like the new Star Trek films, I would have seen this even if Benedict wasn’t in it!

5. Third Star
This film is an Indie film, so you probably haven’t heard of it but Benedict plays James, a man who has terminal cancer and is going on one last trip to his favourite place with his best friends. It’s funny, but it’s also heartbreaking. I cry every single time I watch it 😥

6. Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy
Based on John Le Carre’s classic spy novel, Benedict plays Peter Guillam alongside Gary Oldman’s George Smiley. It’s your generic spy thriller with brilliant casting throughout and would recommend it. (And you don’t have to read the book because it is slightly different!)

7. War Horse
He’s not actually in this film much, but I had to mention War Horse, based on the Morpurgo novel, because it’s a beautiful film and it’s great to look at war from the perspective that demonstrates how important the horses were.

8. Hawking
As I mentioned above, Benedict is known for playing geniuses. Before Eddie Redmayne took on the role of Stephen Hawking, Benedict played him much earlier in a film that shows how his illness starts to affect him. It’s a very good performance.

9. Atonement
Again, he’s not in this film much, but his portrayal of Paul Marshall, chocolateer and peadophile is all kinds of creepy. Kudos to Benedict for freaking me out (fun fact, this role got him the role of Sherlock Holmes!)

10. Starter for 10
Based on University Challenge, the British humour of this movie is hilarious. James McAvoy, James Corden, Dominic Cooper and Alice Eve also star in it. It makes student life seem boring AND fun and it’s brilliant. I left it until last because it’s the least dark on the whole list.

Thank for putting up with my fangirling!
Thanks for reading!



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