Book Review: Mortal Coil (Skulduggery Pleasant Book 5) – POSSIBLE SPOILERS

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Read between: 15th-23rd November
Format: ebook
Published: September 2nd, 2010
Publisher: Harper CollinsRating: Image result for five stars

Review: To sum up this book in a sentence it would be ‘crazy stuff happens.’

After the discovery that Valkyrie is Darquesse, she makes plans to seal the name so that only she has power over it. She visits the creepy Doctor Nye and after the hellish procedure,  there’s only so much she can do to hope it works.

The Remnants are out and they want her to lead them as they create destruction.They try to convince her to join with them, by possessing her friends and loved ones. Excluding Skulduggery- luckily for him, Remnants can’t inhabit the dead.

Even if he doesn’t look it thanks to China Sorrow’s facade tattoo allowing him to appear like a perfectly normal human being (rather than a rather cool living skeleton), well, as human as he can be.

However, pretending to be normal is the least of his worried. The world is going crazy.

And of course, it all starts to kick off when Valkyrie and Fletcher decide to finally go on a date. A proper date, with dancing.

Poor Valkyrie can never have time to spend with her loved ones without some evil magic causing a distraction. She’s lucky she can fight!

Of course, they find a way to save the day but its not without a loss. I really hope they find a way to remove the Remnant inhabiting Tanith Low. For her sake, for Ghastly Bespoke’s case. They need their best fighter back!

It seems like things are going to get worse- which isn’t good considering Valkyrie is about to have someone else to protect. A brand new Edgley sibling!

Can Valkyrie change the future? Or will the darkness consume her?

I’m sure I’ll find out in the next book.

Thanks for reading!


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