Book Review:Boyfriend by Christmas by Jenny Stallard.

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Read between: 26th-29th December
Number of pages: 392
Published:  November 19th 2015
Publisher: Penguin
Synopsis: It’s bad enough to be perpetually single, without also being the dating journalist for a major lifestyle website. And Genie Havisham has just been set her toughest deadline yet: find a boyfriend by Christmas or find a new job.

Determined not to end the year alone and jobless, Genie sets out to find where all the eligible bachelors in London have been hiding, using whatever means possible.

But among the terrible dates, one night stands and the unexpected return of her ‘supposedly reformed’ ex-boyfriend, could Genie have overlooked what’s been right under her nose all along?

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Review: If you love Bridget Jones, you’ll love Eugenia ‘Genie’ Havisham and her quest to find a man, she writes for a website- known as Coolhub, I would go as far as saying that she’s an average girl, in a more than average job.

Then her boss gives her a challenge- and it’s not an easy one. Genie writes about dating (the irony) and Tabitha gives her five months to find a boyfriend. An ultimatum of sorts, and so, the blog Boyfriend by Christmas is born!

A blog about the ups and downs of dating.

From Tinder dates, to dating in the dark, to an X Factor finalist, the blog documents everything and sometimes it can get her into trouble! And it’s hilarious! Unfortunately, she’s finding it hard to fall in love again after a break up.

Genie and her friends, Rio and Willow are a great trio! I’m glad that whilst this is going on, Genie has her friends to laugh with, drink with, and discuss dating with (although Rio is into girls), because Genie is so lovable.

It was great fun following her around her dating life, especially when the worst but inevitable happens….

The return of The Ex.

And she runs straight back into his arms, a stupid decision when the man she is looking for happens to be in front of her the entire time. Everyone can see it except her.

When she finally realises, she gets the happy ending she’s been craving.

It was a lovely fluffy book, perfect to finish off the festive period- I’d definitely recommend it! I really enjoyed it!

4/5 stars.

Thanks for reading!



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