Book Review: The Love of Her Life by Harriet Evans

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Read between: 13th- 22nd January 2017
Number of pages: 486
Published: July 1st, 2008
Publisher:  HarperTorch
Synopsis: In London, Kate Miller had an enviable life: an exciting job at a fashion magazine, an engagement and a wedding to plan. Then it all fell apart — spectacularly, painfully, and forever. That was three years ago…and she fled to New York City to live with her mother and stepfather.

Now Kate is a true New Yorker, in love with the pace and rhythm of Manhattan. But deep down, she knows her life is in a holding pattern, that there is something — someone — more to love. But when her father becomes ill, Kate realizes it’s time to return and face the friends and the memories she left behind. What really happened before Kate left London? Can she pick up the pieces and allow herself to love life again?

Rating: 3-5-stars

Review: Contemporary fiction is usually my go to when I want something cute and fluffy to read. However, this was the first one that I actually had to push myself to finish, not because the writing was bad, but because I lost track of what was happening.

I think the main reason for this is that it flicked between the past and present, the only thing notifying a change was the date at the top of the page. It was done so that the unanswered questions of the main characters life that I, as a reader, had, were then answered.

It just took a long time to actually get there.

The time changes were confusing though because Kate, the main character, and her friends all seemed the same, I couldn’t work out if I was looking at them as older or younger because apart from their relationship statuses, there was no difference in character.

Kate runs away from things. That’s something I got about her in this story. Her mother walked out on her and her father when she was 14 so maybe that’s where she gets in from. Now however, as an adult, she is living with her mother in New York after tragic events made her want to turn her back on her life in London.

Leaving her friends, family and love life behind.

Then her father gets ill and she has return to London- old memories re surface, ones she doesn’t want to re-live.Something, she eventually has to, when the woman who used to be her best friend and  caused her heartbreak keeps writing her letters.

There’s more to the book to bulk it out but the way it ended was quite sudden- i was expecting something more considering it’s chick lit, well something more romantic at least.

I didn’t really feel that.

I enjoyed it though.
3.5/5 stars.

Thanks for reading!




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