February Wrap-Up!

I’ve read a total of six books so far this year, so I’m behind on my reading challenge.

That being said, the books I read this month were:

  1. Broadchurch by Erin Kelly- My review is here.
    I gave this book a lower rating (4 stars) only because I had seen the first series of the television series so I know what happened in the end and I have a feeling that made it less enjoyable. It was a good story nonethless though.
  2. Better World by Autumn Kalquist- delving into more sci-fi! My review is here.
    I gave this book 3.5 stars, there were some problems with it but overall I enjoyed it! I need to read more sci-fi because I actually like it.
  3. The final book I read in the month of February was Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson and I loved this book! If you want know my full thoughts you can find my review here. This was the book I gave the highest rating too. It was so cute 😀


That’s everything I read last month! What did you read?

Thanks for reading!




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