Book Review: Salvage Trouble by J.S. Morin


Read between: 20th-27th July
Format: ebook
Published: October 26th, 2014
Publisher: Magical Scrivener Press
Synopsis: Science to build a starship. Wizardry to take it past light speed. A crew to give it a soul.

In the year 2254 gravity was officially declared to be magic; the scientists gave up trying to figure it out and handed it over to the wizards. Without the inherent respect for the laws of physics, the wizards poked and prodded at gravity, poring over all that science knew about the attraction of one object to the next, and dismissing it as poppycock. They discovered ways around the tired old limits, and gave birth to the first true starships. Some enlightened journalist, covering the maiden voyage of the Impossible, noted that the ship was shaped like a hand giving the middle finger to science.

The dreams of children came alive, and humanity expanded into the cosmos, unlocking the secrets of the galaxy.

Who could have foreseen that three hundred years later, a down-on-his-luck captain would be answering distress calls, hoping to arrive in time to get first pick of the salvage …

Mission 1: Salvage Trouble

A routine salvage job turns into a rescue mission, and a good deed never goes unpunished. With two refugees aboard, Captain Carl Ramsey finds that his ship, the Mobius, has a target painted on its hull. Someone is after the new passengers, and willing to stop at nothing to get them back.

With his ex-wife as pilot, a drunken mechanic, a predatory bodyguard, and an outcast wizard from the Convocation, what’s a captain to do? Just get paid for the job, and try to keep everyone alive. That’s all you can ever ask, really.

Rating: 003d1-threestar

Review: A small team of humans an aliens crew the ship Morbius, a salvage ship- then they pick up an escape pod with a nun and a ten year old boy inside. Are they both what they seem?

For a short sci-fi novel, it was packed with space travel, futuristic settings and lots of surprises! I actually enjoyed this novel, well novella really, being under 200 pages. I also liked that each of the characters are different, and have different personalities, from the captain, Carl and his ex wife and co-pilot Tanny, to the old wizard Mort.

Each one was unique.

There are also alien crew members too, a girl who is some kind of humanoid big cat, and a four armed humanoid, who also happens to be the mechanic. This added to the story and it feel completely futuristic, and helped me to become fully immersed in the world.

The author is very clever to create such a diverse range of characters without any of them clashing (apart from when they needed to of course….) and there wasn’t a character I disliked!

Okay, sometimes the writing was a little bit simple but there wasn’t much to judge and as I got into it I found it became really easy to read as well as flowing really well between the sections- It’s all one chapter, with hashes to separate scenes.

As an opener to a series, it was just enough to get to know the characters enough so that I’d be well informed if I chose to continue with the series….I’m still debating if I will or not, my TBR is a little heavy right now so I’d rather clear it first….

A good, quick, sci-fi read!
I’d definitely recommend it if you want something short and quick, and different too!
Thanks for reading!



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